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Tommy is overweight and I have reduced his intake of food. I would feed him and Sammy in the morning. Sammy is able to stop eating when he is full. Tommy will finish up his food then go over and snarf up Sammy’s leftovers. Sometimes he finishes early and hovers over Sammy to the point where Sammy will look over and then just leave as he doesn’t like Tommy glaring at him with this, ‘you gonna finish that?’ look. I have had to watch over them and move Tommy when he starts to do that. He will meow at me the entire time when I move him.

This morning I cut out a portion of the food I feed them. Sammy is happy with it.

Tommy has been yammering at me all morning telling me that he is starving. I have reassured him that he won’t die of malnutrition.

He doesn’t believe me and looks at me as if I am the worse Daddy in the world.

I have reminded him that when he was rescued by the cat shelter he was on death row.

The little smart ass told me that when he was on death row at least he was fed a decent meal.

I wonder where he gets the attitude?


Okay, I just don’t get women. They LOVE cats! They feed them, scratch them on the belly and think they are adorable when they sleep on the couch. Yet when I want them to just feed me, scratch my belly and ask to be left alone to nap all day that I get dumped! I mean, come on WTF?