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I was able to get my T again. I have been back on it for almost a week. I feel it back in my body again.

Welcome home.


Below is a link for a study done by The Scottish Transgender Alliance. I thought I would post it. It is quite long. (96 pages) On another note. I was able to get my T refilled yesterday. After two weeks without it – I felt such a weight lifted from my shoulders as I put it on again. What a terrible feeling not being able to have my T. That feeling made me even more determined to make my foundation a success. There are so many who can’t afford their hormones. I hope that once the Affordable Care Act goes into effect all of us can have the dignity of having our hormones and surgery.

The testosterone is out of my body. My funding hasn’t come in and now I have been off of my T for two weeks. Androgel doesn’t stay in the body very long. It is applied daily. I was on the train coming home and I just started tearing for no reason whatsoever. I kept my eyes closed and would rub them so no one would see. I wasn’t even thinking of anything in particular either to bring it on. I am just grateful that I am post-menopausal so I don’t have high levels of estrogen in my body or I would be a complete emotional mess right now.
As it is without my testosterone I am starting to lose my clarity that I have when I am on my testosterone. I’ve been racing to the mailbox everyday hoping my funding would come in so that I can get my ticket to Nevada and also pick up my T. Someone had asked me the other day if it is addicting. No, it’s not addicting but something that completes me physically and emotionally. I can’t stand being without it. I hope my funding comes in tomorrow.

There is a post floating around FB. There is an FTM and an MTF. Both of them are naked and the photo says – some men have vaginas and some men don’t. Get over it.

I know it is supposed to be supportive. This information is needed as there are so many transphobice people out there.

But – I simply hate my body so much as it is that I don’t even want to look at that photo and be reminded that I have female body parts.

I’m glad those are being posted as so many in the LGB community are uninformed and some of them are just outright fucking stupid, irnogant and hateful.

Still –

I don’t want to be reminded.

I smell different since taking T.

I like it.