Fuck Off

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Community Ignorance, Emotions, Family, Racism

A lot of people in the east coast don’t know what Mexican-Americans deal with in the west coast. It was one of the reasons why I left California and had to leave Texas. The horrible racism there against Mexicans is horrid. Many don’t know that there were Jim Crowe Brown laws – Mexicans and Mexican-Americans were refused service, not allowed to live in certain area, not allowed in some stores, bars, schools and other establishments. The KKK hung my people as well. I went to a civilian high school for my senior year only. It was the first time I experienced racism to that extent. In the military we were all a bunch of poor people of color trying to make a living. My father won a scholarship to study engineering at the University of Southern California. When he went to his high school counselor they told him that Mexicans didn’t go to college. My father grew up very poor and sometimes all he ate were the strawberries he picked in the fields with his two younger brothers and his father. (My dad was 7 when he worked in the fields.) When I graduated from high school and was looking for work my white friend was offered a job in a bank and the only jobs I was offered were working in the fields, the cannery or as a cleaning person.

I’ve just found out that this racism is persisting – my mother didn’t want to tell me as she knew I would go ballistic. When I get to the hospital next week I will be ripping off some fucking heads off.

I am so glad my people are finally fighting back in places like Arizona. But, I will never be free of it as it started – the racism – against Mexicans here in the east coast. I thought I had gotten away from it. It’s not as bad here in NYC as there are so many other people here as well. It’s mostly in Long Island and Staten Island.

But, it’s here – it is everywhere.

I am so fucking sick and tired of it.

It’s my country. My people were here first.

Fuck off.


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