Deep Breath….Moving Forward

Posted: September 15, 2012 in David Gomez Foundation, Life In General, Our Community
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I am very relieved. I received the first third of my funding in the mail today. This is the beginning of my new career. I was so nervous putting the money in the bank. Not because I am afraid of spending it foolishly but because I’m making the leap to work for myself and not rely on a steady paycheck from an employer. I will have to rely on myself for money, pay for my own health insurance and retirement plan. (In my last job I had health insurance, job security even in this bad economy and I also had not only a 401 plan but a pension with supplemental health insurance for after retirement.) But, what is even more important to me is my foundation to help others. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I have made small monthly donations but I want to do more. I want to help others like me pay for surgery and hormones. I want to help the young members of our MTF/FTM community have a safe place to be when their parents have kicked them out of the house.

I have confidence but at the same time it is mixed with caution and concern because if don’t do this right a few small trades could wipe me out. I’ve studied the market for many years and I have a good mind for business and world affairs as well as market psychology. Many people go into this expecting to become millionaires overnight. They are usually the ones who figure out they should have learned the market and finance BEFORE they started in the market. I’m not looking to become a millionaire. I have what I need. A nice little messy apartment, two goofy little boy cats and will be able to afford my surgery.

I am still waiting for two more funding checks to come in. Once that is in I will be able to begin my new venture full force. Right now I have a smaller amount which is good. I expect losses – everyone in the market has losses. Success in the market is to know how to cut our losses to a minimal. At the end of each year I will take 1/3 of my profits and put it into my fund for charity.

Now with this initial funding in I will be able to purchase my T on Monday and purchase my plane ticket to see my mother and father in Nevada.

Deep breath…..moving forward


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