Musical Freedom

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Emotions, Life In General
I had a lot of plans for today ~ clean up my financial subcriptions, do laundry, clear out the living room to prepare for my new table (nothing fancy just a long inexpensive table) but instead all I did was lay around in my underoos, listening to classical music and snuggle with Tommy and Sammy. I really needed that. How wonderfully relaxing and non-stressful. I was introduced to classical music in school when I was in the 7th grade. It is a shame that the arts are defunded in schools. Art reaches deep into the soul. I think if we had more arts in schools there might be more compassion for others. Instead it is just get them in and shove them out and who cares what they learn. School is starting and I have to say I respect the heck out of teachers in such an environment with the GOP wanting to take money away. I knew a couple of teachers and out of their own hard earned money the paid for supplies for their classes.
I still remember what it was I listened to in my music class. It was Aaron Copeland’s conducting Billy the Kid. I don’t know why I remember this as this was back in 1969. I thought it was so beautiful – so powerful. It resonated with me at 12 years of age. Since then classical music has always reached deep into my heart and soul pulling out feelings I could never express in the written word.
I’m listening to this again and seeing myself as a young 12 year old in that class. I sat next to the window. I remember feeling a feeling of being free and running without inhibition. At that time in school I was bullied and picked on in school. It was a sad time for me upstate in Rome, NY. But, when I heard this I could hear him conducting and it was as if the wind was blowing lightly on my face…I imagined hills, green pastures with wild flowers and freedom – I could also hear the struggle and strife in other parts. It was as if Aaron was conducting the battle hyme for freedom that my little 12 year old FTM was fighting for.

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