Spoke Too Soon

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Emotions
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I spoke too soon. So did my mother.

While the immediate death of my father is not certain.

The doctor said that he only has 50% function of his heart.

He likely won’t live more than two years at best.

He still is a little bit out of it. We believe now he has some sort of brain damage from the lack of oxygen.

He isn’t able to walk and so can’t come home yet. Even if he does he won’t be who he was.

Though my father is still alive.

I have lost him.

I wish it were me and not him.

I have nothing but he has so much to live for – he has a wife, children – a grandchild.

When I lose him I lose everything.

  1. perpetua says:

    I find it’s impossible to find words when getting news like this. So sorry this is happening.

  2. mymindofaman says:

    I’m sorry to hear that your dealing with this, and alone. My thoughts are with you.

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