Tommy To Make Olympic Olympic History in 2016 ~

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Tommy and Sammy, Working Out/Health
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Tommy needs to lose some weight. He isn’t happy with the food reduction so I thought perhaps some exercise would help make this go faster for him. (and me).

I put him on the treadmill and of course when I turned it on he went flying across the room. I then put him on the exercise bike but his little feet couldn’t reach the pedals. I then tried to get him to lift weights but he just put his head on them and fell asleep.
I was out of ideas and heck it was breakfast time so stood up to feed him. He raced down the hall. I then sat down. He raced back to me. I stood up again and he raced down the hall. I sat back down again. I did this about 20 times until he got his heart rate up. Needless to say I was thrilled with this newly discovered exercise plan. For dinner we will shoot for 40 times.

He got an excellent workout.
Sammy of course thought this was hysterical and called Tommy and idiot but thanked him for the entertainment


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