Posted: August 28, 2012 in Emotions
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I am not much of a poetry person. But, every now and then I will read one that strikes me. Something deep down inside – a joy, a hidden fear – a thought about myself that even I hide from myself until it’s brought up. I read this poem this morning on my FB friend’s page and it just brought up so much emotion for me. As I type this right now I am getting the overwhelming feeling again. People often tell me that I am hot or good looking – but, it doesn’t resonate with me as no one really wants to know the person inside me so I felt much as this girl/woman does in the poem. The author said that I may share it.

So plain she was
no one really gave her
a second thought
but the stars spoke to her
and she dreamed of things
and in her dreams
there she glided across polished floors
and was something more
than anyone’s second thought

Cathy Sights Kemelmacher


  1. perpetua says:

    Do you know how much this means? It’s what I write for, to reach in and touch something that exists in the reader. I suspect that’s what most poetry is meant to do. It’s a rare honor, though, to read just what it’s struck in a reader. Thank you so much.

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