Posted: August 16, 2012 in Emotions, Family, Life In General
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I get it.

I always did.

I fell.

No one came.

My childhood tears were mocked.

Thrown away.

One learns not to feel.

To be the hero.

My father is out of ICU – but – he isn’t trying.

He’s tired.

Very tired.

I feel he is giving up.

My mother admitted crying – something I have never seen her do.

A cold woman my mother is.

My father was the one with feelings…but, he wasn’t allowed to feel.

Neither was I.

No wonder the man had a heart attack.

No wonder he is giving up.

He cried in my arms when we spoke about Vietnam.

I had to tell my mother he was hurting.

She didn’t understand.

I did.

We feel – when no one is looking.

At times – most oft we even hide it from ourselves.

I understand why some men seem to appear to give up.

They are tired.

They need to go to that unknown place in the afterlife

Where someone else gets to be the hero.

  1. perpetua says:

    This makes so much so understandable. Thank you for that.

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