Human Afterall…..

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Emotions, Life In General
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I went to Citifield to watch the Mets play – I passed. The security guard who patted me down said have a great time at the game sir. Normally they would point me to a woman security guard. This time there was no hesitation.

I was able to use the men’s room – it was great because when I had to take a dump in the women’s rest room I would get stares afterwards. Not wanting to bring attention to myself as it was bad enough as a butch dyke looking person but one who is a butch dyke looking person who farts and takes a dump in the bathroom is even more unwanted attention. In the men’s room – no one cares. I  farted and took a dump and no one gave a shit. Well,e xcept for me – it cuts down my rest room time a great deal.

It was a horrible game and it started raining on us. My knees were in horrible pain. I went home and my friend went to the bar.


I have needs. I have been ignoring my needs for too long as I don’t want to have sex in this body until I have my chest surgery. I decided to join my friend, Mr. Bear (He is the most awesome gay men in the world)  – am I looking for sex? Yes and no. Will I go home with someone? Maybe, maybe not. But, I do know I need to get some flirting in at least. I am not going to lie about who I am – though, I did shave. That’s okay as I am going to be metrosexual anyway as I am not that much into facial hair though it is fun to watch it grow. Hell – even hetrosexual women don’t like facial hair on men so it’s not an issue with regards to LGBT v hetro.

I  just need to flirt, make out and maybe have sex.

Maybe I don’t need any of that.

I just need human contact. I’m, afterall, human.

  1. perpetua says:

    You are indeed very human, and it is important for you to connect with other humans. I’m glad you decided to join Bear in the bar!

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