Keeping Me and The Little Dudes Happy

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Life In General
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Earlier I wrote a blog post about the difficulties I was having with WC and disability. Instead of stressing and getting angry I put a call through on my pending funding from another source. After messing around for a bit I got on the treadmill. As I was stepping off the treadmill my phone was ringing. I wasn’t going to answer as I was dripping with sweat and tired. But, I answered it. It was about my pending funds. The much awaited report is completed. They are forwarding it to me and my case worker. My case should be resolved soon – (soon can mean 60 to 90 days)

So, if I had gotten angry, frustrated and started yelling out of frustration all I would have done was raise my blood pressure. Accepting life on life’s terms (with a little shove from me when I made the call) things worked out the way they were supposed to. Not wasting my life being angry, worried and tormented about things that are out of my control and accepting what I can’t change and try to change the things I can makes me a happier David. It also makes the little dudes feel safe and secure.

Oh man oh man do I ever stink! Shower time!

  1. perpetua says:

    The Serenity Prayer does a lot of good for our mental well being, doesn’t it?

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