Hair Club For Men Will Have To Wait

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Appearance
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I am 55 years old but I’m fortunate that I don’t have much grey hair. I have nothing against aging. I actually like it to be honest. I just don’t like looking old. A few ages lines here and there – a little grey here and there. But, a full head of grey hair would not be to my liking. My father is 76 (or 77) and he still has a full head of black hair. (With grey mixed in here and there)

With that said, (written) I looked at my budding beard and discovered two grey hairs. That’s it! I am going to shave it off.

Last night I waited on the subway platform along with the rest of the tired and worn out New Yorkers. Humidity can make even the strongest tired and cranky. The R train arrived and the zombie apocolypse entered the train and sat. I leaned back, exhausted and rested my head against the wall.

Something was wrong.

I looked around.

Something was indeed wrong but I couldn’t figure it out. I looked across from me, to my left, to my right. I didn’t know what it was.

Then it hit me.

No one was looking at me.

No one was trying to figure out my gender.

No one quickly darted their eyes away from me when I caught them staring.

I was tempted to ask someone why they weren’t staring at me.

I haven’t had anyone not stare at me for well over – well, I can’t say how long it’s been.

I looked around again.


No one was staring disapprovingly.

No one

Not one fucking person.

I lay my head back against the wall.

And shut my eyes

I pass.

I completely pass

I didn’t allow myself to relax completely.

Now I look like the Latino man that I am

And we are still a target


With the grey hair

I look like an older Latino






Hair Club For Men Will Have




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