Posted: July 13, 2012 in Life In General
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I was in Astoria, Queens earlier this evening for a meeting. It was at the Queens Diversity House and it was a meeting for those who have already and are still in transition.

After I left I discovered that I was in a part of town where there were so many beautiful women I could hardly stand it.. I haven’t been acting on my hormones as I don’t want to have sex in this body until I have my chest surgery. So much of me needs to be sexual in my man’s body and not the body of a woman. It’s terribly frustrating at times but I am not 15 years old. I am an adult so need to act like one.

I had a running thought that I could use that neighborhood as my playground – pretend to be a butch dyke for a few months until my surgery

I stopped myself in mid-thought –

My face soured

What kind of man would I be

To pretend to be a woman

To lie to a woman

To have sex with her?

People lie to each other every day to have sex.

But not me.

I am not





  1. perpetua says:

    Well done and honorable.

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