Heads Up Post…..

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Appearance
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I thought I would write a ‘heads up’ post.

I am writing about body hair as for the first time I can grow it out without having to shave in the morning before heading to work for an employer.  I’ve had facial hair for a while.

I’ve been on T for three years. Having spoken to other Mexican-American men it can and will likely take longer to develop facial hair. With that said we don’t tend to be hairy as other cultures. My changes with T have certainly taken effect in the other areas – areas that I am not willing to share publicly at this time. My voice has also changed. So, though I don’t have a lot of facial hair I have been on T for a total of three years. The time I was taken off of T did not create any additional female changes as I was post menopause when I initially started T. So, there was no regression. It simply did not advance further development of hair – my voice and other physical changes remained the same.

Also, a note on the hair – is that I am only ¼ Italian – the other ¼ is Nordic which also does not tend to have the facial and body hair of other cultures. So, mix the 1/4 Nordic and the ½ Mexican-American (Native American Indian) and no, I am not going to be a hairy man.

The comments I write are not always thoughts that I am having at that time – they are often times reflections of my experiences from when I first started T or they may be from what I am feeling at the current time.

  1. Cathy says:

    I am interested in seeing how your facial hair grows out if you decide to let it do so. A fascinating part of your process; and the ethnic background as well, how it might dictate this development. I do so love following your progress!

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