more LGB ignorance…………..

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Community Ignorance
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I saw a post on FB where a butch lesbian is getting all excited about something that is including – studs, bois, butches, FTMs, AG, femmes  – um…..question here – FTMs? We are men. Where are the MTFs? Yet another ignorant person in our community.  My patience runs thin.

  1. Perry says:

    The MTFs should be included, without a doubt. Also without a doubt . . . FTMs are men. However, if a butch or boi is interested in including me in an event where I can be around femmes, I want to be there. Some femmes are interested in dating FTMs. As a single FTM man, I am interested in opening all possibilities for finding a female partner.

    • David Gomez says:

      True – but, the point I wanted to make is that FTMs are included but our sisters are once again ignored. Me personally, I don’t attend events that ignore my MTF sisters. I also question some in the LGB community who are so quick to accept us but not them. They may not see us as men but just really ‘tough’ butches.

  2. Neon says:

    –__– WTF.

    I’d do the same if that happened with events near me, I’m not interested in going to events that exclude transfeminine people, thats real shitty. Sigh.

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