Chasing The Train of Lives Past

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Past Life
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The train pulled out and is gaining momentum. I race on the tracks following it – reaching out my hands to the porter leaning over the end rail. “Run!” he shouts, arching his hand as if a magical ray will shoot from his fingertips to lift me upon the departing train. I’m gasping as I race towards it – I see my friends and foes from my past looking out the windows; some are cheering for me to run faster and not be left behind. Others mumble and curse the day I was born and wish for me to trip upon the railings and miss the train – though a part of them secretly wishes me on the train because I am always the best matched opponent and it feeds their hatred and my resolve.

I’m gaining ground as I inch closer – I can make it – I always do – I am just within reach as the train pauses a moment as it chugs – I touch the porters hand and as he almost grasps me I quickly withdraw my reach.

“Come back you will miss the train!” He shouts. “You don’t know anyone where you are!”

I am bent over, hands on bended knees catching my breath watching the train steam away.

“I know.” I coarsly whisper and watch the train roll away until all I see is a little black dot with a trailing puff of smoke. I stand and turn to look at the unknown surrounding me. “But, I know myself.’


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